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Guide to Duration Weighting in Digital Video Advertising

The concept of duration-weighted video impressions is scheduled to become somewhat a unified standard for valuing TV and digital video advertising exposure in January, 2021, and it’s time to get…

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Keys to Actionable Metrics Measurement in Online Video Advertising

Video advertising remains one of the most lucrative niches for brands and publishers, which the record-growing ad spending proves. However, each company’s view on their campaign success may differ, depending…

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Why & How to Achieve Programmatic Supply Chain Transparency

Even though the programmatic approach to media buying emerged back in the 1990s, it wasn’t until the end of 2000s when the concept actually became “the new hit” in digital…

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What is Sellers.json & How it Benefits the Online Ad Industry

While ads.txt has become a successful and widely supported initiative in the online advertising industry, it was just a part of a larger global effort to mitigate advertising fraud.


AdPlayer.Pro Reseller Program Q&A

Have all your questions regarding our pilot reseller program answered, in the special AdPlayer.Pro Reseller Program Q&A.

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What is App-Ads.txt & How to Implement It

Whereas Ads.txt has grown widely adopted over the past few years, App-Ads.txt hasn’t become mainstream yet. However, the recent surge in its implementation suggests it’s time to get a grip.

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