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Digital Video Ad Tech Standards to Adopt in 2021

2021 is most likely to be the year of the increasing standardization across the global digital video ad tech industry, and it’s time you prepare for action.

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Why and How You Should Implement OM Web Video SDK

As initially forecasted, IAB Tech Lab released Open Measurement SDK for Web Video in the middle of December 2020. Now’s the time to get down to its implementation.

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What Brand Safety Strategies Will Look Like in 2021

2020 has been all about bad news. Consequently, the problem with keyword blacklists has turned into a nightmare for many publishers.

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[INFOGRAPHIC] AdPlayer.Pro: 2020 in Review

2020 is approaching its end. Let’s look back at some of this year’s major highlights at AdPlayer.Pro.

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Why & How to Implement Open Measurement SDK

The global adoption of Open Measurement SDK in mobile video advertising is finally gaining track. Now’s the time to get a grip.

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2020 Holiday Shopping Trends to Watch for in Digital Advertising

The 2020 Holiday shopping season is approaching fast, and it’s time that marketers re-evaluate their customer acquisition strategy to achieve lasting results.