Over the past few years, native video ads have proven their effectiveness for capturing viewer’s attention and fostering relationships between a brand and its target customers.

No wonder that most advertisers are eager to further increase their native video ad spending volumes.

Namely, outstream video has already overtaken conventional in-stream video ad units, like pre- or post-roll, according to IAB UK 2017 report, and the 2018 data is likely to be even more impressive.

However, the obvious benefits of native video ads doesn’t make them a universal remedy for building and maintaining meaningful communication with brands’ customers, does it?

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In brief, there’re three core aspects influencing the potential effectiveness of your native video ads: advertising medium (i.e. digital video ad formats used), advertising environment and advertising content.
Let’s dive into each in more details.

Advertising Medium

Quite predictably, the use of outstream video ad formats generally results in higher advertising reach and viewer’s engagement, if compared to in-stream ads. It’s simple: they’re respectful of viewer’s website experience, while being highly-viewable.

Which of the outstream ad formats to select? It’s up to you:

    • InPage video ad format

Natively embedded between paragraphs of text articles, InPage video ads are known as most non-intrusive, yet viewable ad units, especially with a headline placed along with it.

    • InView video ad format

Integrated outside the main page content, InView video ads are viewable by design, thus enable to capture maximum viewers’ attention without disrupting their experience with the website.

Advertising Environment

It’s being said that the core benefit of outstream video ads is their native integration with the website non-video content. However, the key to impactful video ad campaigns is, in fact, the right context i.e. delivering ad content at the right time, to the right people, in the right manner, so that it resonates and results in highest possible viewer’s engagement.

Therefore, it’s absolutely vital that you ensure the highest quality and relevance of both the publisher’s audience & webpage content to secure the maximum video ad effectiveness.

Advertising Content

Undoubtedly, capturing ad viewers’ attention is only getting more complicated with time. Thus, it’s crucial to get to the point as quickly as possible, while emphasizing how the brand differs from competitors on the market and, how it can benefit the viewer.

More importantly, since outstream video ads are muted by default, it’s also essential that the visual part of your video ad creative is informative enough to successfully deliver the brand’s message, even in the silent mode.