How well is a video ad campaign performing? What is VTR? Which is more important: VTR or CTR?

Learn everything you need to know about digital video advertising KPIs and how to measure video ad performance in a comprehensive AdPlayer.Pro guide.

Digital Video Ad KPIs

The core metrics that help determine how well a video ad is performing include:

  • Viewability Rate – share of video ad impressions in-view for at least 2 consecutive seconds.
  • Completion Rate – share of measurable video ad impressions, with the video ad played to 100% completion, regardless of their viewability.
  • Viewable Completion Rate (VTR) – number of complete video ad views (with viewable video ad impressions) over the total number of video ad impressions.
  • Click-through Rate (CTR) – ratio of clicks on the video ad to the measurable video ad impressions.

Payment models

  • CPM (cost per mille) – a payment model that implies an advertiser pays for video ad impressions on a publisher’s website. The CPM rate determines a price for 1000 measurable video ad impressions).
  • CPV (cost per view, cost per visitor) – a payment model that an advertiser only pays for video ad views or user interactions with a video ad (click, LP visit, etc.) The CPV rate determines a price for 1 measurable video ad view/interaction.

Which is more important: VTR or CTR?

In fact, both KPIs are crucial regardless of a video ad campaign goal, yet there might be minor differences.

If a video ad campaign primarily focuses on branding, CTR might be a little less essential, especially is an advertiser tracks substantial customer engagement (number of mentions, likes or shares).

Tip! Ensure the proper setup to get higher VTR rates and customer engagement with your video ads:

  • Precise video ad targeting
  • Engaging video ad content (pay some attention to its SEO aspect, too).
  • Compelling video ad quality
  • Flawless video ad streaming across browsers and screens

If a video ad campaign primarily focuses on conversions, the CTR rate, obviously, grows more important. However, if the VTR rate is high, the CTR is mostly high, too.

If not, the reasons may be the following:

  • Delayed/indirect conversions
  • Lack of interest in the product/offer
  • Ad blindness
  • Poor ad viewability

Tip! The AdPlayer.Pro outstream video ad player enables tracking the ratio of video ad content in-view, which prevents counting false views and enables improving video performance.