2022 has just begun, and things are looking up for publishers of editorial inventory, at least for those ready to embrace this year’s existing and new monetization opportunities.

In spite of its incredible turbulence, 2021 has become a successful year for a great variety of digital publishers, particularly in the editorial niche. In particular, according to the Reuters Institute survey results, about 60% of respondents admitted their revenue (both in the online and offline segments) grew in the past 12 months. 

More importantly, most of them are hopeful for what 2022 is about to bring in terms of potential earnings (both from subscriptions and digital advertising).

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Ensure Greater Focus on Reader Revenue

Over the past several years, a significant share of readers have been demonstrating their loyalty to digital outlets, relying on their high-quality content to remain informed. However, not all publishers have been successful in leveraging such reader revenue opportunities to their full potential until today.

Well, Q1 2022 is the high time to change that.

Namely, while providing audiences with top-notch content and A/B testing of limited discounts and trial options remain a must, a practical way to boost revenue acquisition from subscriptions can also imply the improvement of users’ signup/login experience, as well as the purchase flow itself.

Pro tip! Make sure to balance your website/app compliance with global data privacy regulations with the UX/UI specs of cookie and other consent popups, if any, to prevent readers’ irritation. 

Another practical strategy is to experiment with granular paywalling, opting for keeping content with a greater social purpose available for everyone, for instance, or enabling unregistered readers/non-subscribers to access a limited number of materials (including whitepapers, training videos, webinar recordings and/or reports) on a weekly/monthly basis.

Pro tip! Unlock newly-introduced Web 3.0 monetization capabilities, testing out the sale of the most exclusive, premium content to top-tier audiences as an NFT.

Optimize & Expand Video Advertising Practices

Since online video advertising remains one of the top revenue sources for publishers of editorial inventory, 2022 seems like a perfect time to explore new monetization opportunities in the niche, experimenting with new ad formats and innovative types of video creatives.

In this respect, a potentially effective way to engage more readers with outstream video ads, for instance, is to refine the adjustment of displayed creatives based on their interests and preferences through the use of AI tools.

In addition, consider expanding the ad stack, integrating video ad creatives into newsletters on limited platforms, which provide relevant ad tech support (e.g. iOS mail or Samsung mail, just to name a few)

Pro tip! A useful tactic to boost audience engagement is to integrate immersive ads/ad elements into your website/app using WebXR Device API or else.

Last but not least… 2022 will also be the high time for publishers to get a grip around the adoption of video ad standards, like OM Web Video SDK, or implement the automated supply chain validation, for instance, to maintain their reputation as a trustworthy, high-quality Supply partner for premium video advertisers.