This year’s OMR Festival was, undoubtedly, a huge success! Now that the two-day expo & conference is over, the AdPlayer.Pro team shares its key takeaways from the event.

The annual OMR Festival in Hamburg, Germany is known to be a massive event in the online marketing and advertising industries. And this year it has once again proven its reputation.

Over the two days in the beginning of May 2023, 70,000 of business leaders, tech enthusiasts and media experts have gathered in Hamburg Messe to share their expertise and vision on the present and future of the global martech and ad tech landscape, as well as the hottest trends in the digital technology sector. 

Now that OMR Festival 2023 is over, it’s high time to share some of the key takeaways from this massive event. 

AI at the Forefront of the Digital Ecosystem

The release of ChatGPT has sparked a huge buzz in the global tech community on how the new generative AI solutions can potentially benefit digital businesses across various verticals (aside from the mere automated SEO content writing & copywriting tools). 

And while the final verdict is still in (some of the representatives of podcast niche, for instance, doubt that generative AI is going to be a game-changer for their sector, while others are questioning the use of plagiarism checkers for AI-generated content review), most of the major players in the digital tech industry are already onboard implementing AI-based advances in their offered solutions. 

Metaverse Advertising Still Lacks Scale

Even though immersive advertising remains one of the widely-discussed, potentially lucrative niches that more premium brands should be stepping in, the truth is this niche still lacks scale, given the currently existing integration opportunities. 

While the gaming/hybrid gaming sectors are currently offering a wide selection of product placements for premium brands in many verticals (in part due to the exceptional efforts by VR/AR/MR web design companies), the world is still waiting for the release and market-wide adoption of new AR/VR headsets and other devices, hence postponing the real boom of metaverse advertising to the near-ish future. 

Retail Media Advertising is the Real Deal

Despite the lack of scale and cross-retailer outreach at the current stage of its evolution, the world’s retail media advertising market has been at its top over the past 12 months. 

More importantly, judging from the numerous discussions both within the conference, and among the expo attendees, the digital tech community is very optimistic about the future of the retail media niche, with some experts forecasting the global retail advertising market value will reach 130,000,000,000 USD by 2025.

In Search of the Effective Data-driven Strategies 

As Mozilla’s CMO said in her keynote address, the “no data at all” strategy is no longer working. Instead, what consumers are craving for is the transparent, clear value exchange of some share of their data for high-quality personalized ads. 

In this respect, what many digital businesses are still missing is a fragile balance in terms of how to make sure they request & process only the Personal Data elements they, in fact, need to ensure the personalization of the delivered advertising creatives (including video ads, rich media and even email marketing content) without harvesting more. 

The AdPlayer.Pro team would like to say a big Thank You to OMR 2023 organizers and everyone we met in person during this year’s expo & conference! It’s been a blast!